How to avoid laddered tights and hosiery runs


Do you pull out your pantyhose right before a business meeting, a hot date or other social function only to find out you have a tiny run in it? Here are some tips on how to prevent that teeny run from becoming a big run seen by all.

Step 1
Get out your pantyhose and clear nail polish.

Step 2
Put your hand under the damaged spot (to prevent nail polish from gluing your pantyhose together.

Step 3
Take out your clear nail polish and put a thin layer of it on the damaged spot. After the first layer dries, you may want to put another one.

Step 4
Wait for the nail polish to dry.

Step 5
Put on your pantyhose.
You can use other colors of nail polish if you do not have clear, but make sure it either matches the color of the tights or that no one can see it.
Make sure the run isn't really big or this won't work.
Trim both finger and toe nails to prevent runs.
Remove jewelry before putting on tights.
Wear gloves to prevent snags.
Buy one size up to prevent excessive tugging which helps prevent snags and runs.
Hair spray may also work to stop a run. It never hurts to give it a try.
Always wash by hand, or in a lingerie bag. If washing with bras, or anything with clasps, make sure they are fastened so they do not snag the hose.
When walking, try not to touch the heels of your shoes to your tights.

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