How to make tights stronger and last longer.


Step 1
Wash pantyhose in lukewarm water with 
shampoo or liquid soap for hands (anything close to hand in your bathroom that cleans the human body is perfect).

Step 2
Get out your salad spinner and toss the pantyhose in.

Step 3
Whiz away to get rid of the water.

Step 4
Hang over towel rack and dry with a hair dryer - warm to cool heat. This should take no more than 5 minutes. Clean your teeth and do your hair at the same time.

Step 5
Another suggestion would be to roll wet pantyhose into a thick (dry) bath towel. But do not twist or ring the rolled up towel. The towel will absorb most all of the moisture and it only takes minutes to air dry them after.

Step 6
If you have a heating vent you can hang the pantyhose near, this can likewise act as a drier.

Step 7
In a real emergency, (and if the weather is good) you can also dry your pantyhose by opening your car's side window, carefully placing the upper portion (where your tummy and bottom would be) on the top of the glass, and carefully rolling up the window so the legs hang outside. As you drive to the function, the pantyhose will be dried by the wind and sunshine. When you arrive, pull into a discrete location. Unroll the window, pull on your hosiery in the car, check that all is in order, and then make your entrance.

If you don't wear pantyhose regularly, try to leave pantyhose out for hand washing in the shower or bath basin the morning after you've worn them to your special occasion. That way, you'll have several pairs waiting around for next time.
Buy a few spare packets and leave them unopened in your underwear drawer.
If you purchase an expensive pair of sheer pantyhose for a special event, buy another one at the same time, just in case. Special events don't come around that often and even if you don't need the second pair, you'll have it for another time. If you do need it, you'll be eternally grateful it was there.
When putting on pantyhose, bunch them up around the foot first, then gradually roll out the bunch rather than pulling it up. Pulling creates pressure which causes tears and laddering.
Be careful not to be in so much of a rush that you ladder this last pair! If you do, dab on a dob of clear nail polish to stop the run from laddering any further.

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