How to be an expert on deniers


Deniers: What does it mean?

Technically denier relates to the weight (i.e. thickness) of the yarn from which hosiery is woven, (in case you are interested, 1 denier means that 9,000 meters of yarn weighs 1 gram). Generally the lower the denier, the sheerer the appearance and the more fragile the product. Certain products however have an appearance that is sheerer than would be expected for their denier - this is good news as it means that a product is stronger than it looks! 

The terms sheer tights, ultra sheer tights, opaque tights and thick tights are referred to frequently. We have outlined below what we mean by each of these terms. 

Ultra Sheer: Less than 10 denier

Ultra sheer hosiery is ideal for achieving a bare leg look. Available in a wide variety of deniers and shades to suit your skin tone, ultra sheer hosiery smoothes out blemishes and keeps your legs cool during the hot summer months. 

Most ultra sheer products will also have sheer toes, making them ideal to wear with strappy sandals. Some may also have a sandal toe which means that the weave is ever so slightly thicker on the toe compared to the rest of the leg. 

Sheer: 10 to 20 denier

Sheer hosiery is a must-have summer item for every woman’s hosiery draw. Much like ultra sheer, sheer hosiery is available in an array of colours, deniers and finishes but, being a slightly thicker denier, will be a little more durable for everyday wear. Opt for matt finishes for a natural look and go for shine for a more noticeable appearance. 

Sheer hosiery can have both sheer toes and sandal toes, which again is great for wearing with strappy sandals or open toe shoes. 

Semi-Opaque: 21 to 40 denier

Semi-Opaque hosiery is stronger and longer lasting than sheer. It will give your legs more coverage but your skin will remain quite visible. We have some great semi-opaque hosiery available in an assortment of bright and everyday colours from leading brands including Jonathan Aston and Pamela Mann. 

Opaque: 41 to 69 denier

Opaque hosiery will give your legs great coverage and unlike semi-opaque tights, your skin will be far less visible. We have an extremely wide selection of opaque hosiery available in lots of colours from brands such as Emilio Cavallini and Falke. Perfect for winter, opaque tights are also great during springtime weather teamed with shorts and skirts. 

Thick Opaque: 70 to 99 denier

Thick opaque hosiery is a god-send during winter, especially if you want to keep your legs warm when wearing your favourite LBD to all those Christmas parties! If you don’t like wearing trousers in the winter months, thick opaque tights are ideal for keeping your legs protected from the elements, plus they’re extra durable. Also due to their thickness the colour on your leg will be strong and give a clear outline to your legs. 

Mega Thick Opaque: 100 Denier Plus

Every woman needs mega thick opaques for winter! Mega thick opaque’s are great alternatives to leggings and woolly tights. They give your legs complete coverage at all times. They are also great if you want a strong and solid colour on your leg. We have mega thick opaques available in an assortment of colours – perfect for making your legs stand out or alternatively go for a classic black.

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