Should tights match my skirt or my shoes?


Should tights match my skirt or my shoes?


Your tights don't actually have to match your skirt of your shoes. They should all complement each other but can be as varied as your imagination. When I dress I usually have a crazy different color for tights and matching shoes and skirt to frame the tights. Matching clothing colors is a thing of the past.

It is best if your tights match both your shoes and your skirt. This will give you a longer and leaner look. If you can only match either your skirt or shoes than choose to match your shoes. Then you don't get a chopped up look around the ankles 

Ideally, your tights should match both your skirt and your shoes. If you choose not to match all three articles, your tights should ALWAYS match your shoes. This creates a long and lean leg line and will make you look taller and thinner, instead of chopping you off at the ankles.

Tights don't have to exactly match either the skirt or the shoes but the tights should more closely match your shoes. Wearing tights that are darker than shoes does not look good. Try to match shoes, clothes, and tights so nothing stands out too much. Keep the skirt fabric and texture of tights similar as well.

My general rule is that my tights match either my skirt or shoes or both. I stick to grey, black, brown, or nude fishnets. Maybe one day I will give a colorful pair a shot!

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