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Im julia, a 15 year old daydreamer who likes to sew and read fashion magazines. i like to think i'm obsessed with fashion but the reality is all i do is create my own style, which my mum describes as "ecletic". i love glitter, jose vanders, glee,ballet, paolo nuitini, alexa chung and daisy lowe, fashion, music,nme,elle, florence and the machine, cassie from skins, smiling, and life.

How do you get your inspiration for the outfits you wear ?

I look at other people’s blogs and lookbooks and see how they put their outfits together. Also, I read so many fashion magazines like Elle so I get inspiration from their mood boards and all the models.

Who has had the biggest fashon influence on your outfits ?

I would say either Alexa Chung or Daisy Lowe as I really love their style and how they put their outfits together. Also, Frida Johnson on lookbook has so many amazing clothes and always looks unique which is something I try to do. Also, my mum has been a big influence as she loves fashion aswell and I am always stealing her clothes, she is also my fashion critic!

What made you start posting your pictures on lookbook and flickr? 

I saw other people that I used to follow on tumblr posting things on lookbook so I applied for an account just to see what it was like and I really enjoyed sharing my outfits with other people. Also, I started posting on flickr because I had to create an account for my school photography group and then I just went from there. I like showing other people my photographs.

What blogs and websites do you follow and why ? 

I use blogspot a lot and I follow people I know on there so I can see what they are getting up to and I love reading all their posts, also I follow fashion blogs such as altamira: models off duty and DIE YOUNG STAY PRETTY as I love their posts and the pictures inspire me.

Would you describe yourself as a trendsetter or fashion follower ?

Among my friends I would think I was the trendsetter because I always wear different things to my friends and try to create unique outfits, but sometimes I fall into the fashion follower category because if a lot of people have a new dress from topshop or something, I would have to have it, which is a bad thing.

How would you describe your style ? 

I would describe my style as quite individual and my mum describes me as having an eclectic style, which I don’t know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing! I like mixing different styles to create my own. I wear a lot of skirts and tights, and I barely wear trousers, probably once a month! I love wearing a lot of jewellery and I love patterned tights. 

Does the hosiery you wear dictate the clothes,outfit you wear ?

Most of the time, yes, because otherwise I would wear too many patterns.

What is in your hosiery drawer or closet ? 

I have heart pattern tights, turquoise, purple, fishnets, sparkly grey. I also own three pairs of over the knee socks.

How do you choose your hosiery ? 

I like patterned ones, and I normally chose by the denier and colour.

Where do you shop for hoseiry ? 

Mainly Topshop and H&M

What was the last item of hosiery you brought, how much you spent etc ?

Black over the knee socks from h&m, they were only £2.99, bargain.

Do you prefer sheer or opaque tights,stockings or holdups,socks or kneehighs,sheer toe or reinforced ? 

I prefer opaque tights, and I love knee high socks.

Do you ever wear 10 denier tights or sheer hose if so how long do they last you ?

I have done to school once, they didn’t last the whole day, I think they got about 5 ladders in them!

How does wearing tights make you feel emotionally ? More feminine,better with girly outfits not thought about it ?

I wear tights if it is too cold just to wear a skirt, and they generally make me feel better if I don’t want to get my legs out.

Do you physically like the feel of tights and touch ? Do your legs ache less, prefer than pants ? not thought about it ?

I prefer tights to trousers, trousers are so uncomfortable! They just feel nicer when you wear them and they are easier to move around in.

When do you wear hosiery,daily-once a week etc ?

Everyday, I wear tights everyday to school with my skirt, and then I never wear trousers, so skirts and tights at the weekend as well.

What is your hosiery staple ? 

Black opaque tights, 50 denier.

What are your style tips for wearing tights ?

Choose a variety of colours that suit you and go with the majority of your clothes and pick pretty patterns.

How do you put on tights?

Put my feet in and just pull them up, which is probably why I rip them a lot!

Do you keep a spare pair of tights in your bag ?

No, but that is a very good idea!

The best and worst things about hosiery, Love-hate ?

They rip too easily, especially at school because we have wooden stools and my tights always get caught on them. The best thing about tights is that they always make your legs look good!

Do you recycle your tights or just throw them away ?

I just throw them away.

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