How to - DIY Chanel tights tutorial


Many of us have seen the double-sided Chanel tights. We've wanted them.The Fashion Spot has even had a thread dedicated to them. Of course, at $140 a pop, many will not get them.
Sure, I could wait for a knock-off (dropping in 3... 2... 1...), but knowing my impatience, I had to try my hand at making my own pair. Of course, given my lack of preparation and mismatching materials, the end result was quite sloppy and pretty much looked like a bad counterfeit. Therefore, I hereby dub this DIY: "The 'Channel' tights".
I didn't want to spend money on tights that I was pretty sure I'd ruin the first time around, so I rooted around the house and dug up these two disposable pairs:

Herein lied the most obvious problem. While the sheer nude tights were extremely tight and stretchy, the black ones were crochet, and completely stretched out so they were all big and loose.

Here, I've cut both tights along the sides. The only tricky part of this experiment was figuring out how to sew extremely stretchy fabrics together. In order to do so, you have to use astretch needle, and set the sewing machine on a zig-zag stitch, with a mid-sized stitch length, and the lowest tension setting. This is all pretty intuitive though.

Laying the tights on top of one another... starting to stitch the two fabrics together. In order to prevent slippage of the fabrics, I simply used binder clips to hold them together while I sewed. Elementary, yet effective!

Here I am pulling them on before sewing the foot shut... and final product (sorta).
Overall, since the textures of the tights were so different, the line of the stitch got all puckery, and ended up looking very sloppy. But since I did, indeed, figure out how to sew tights together effectively, I'd say the DIY was a sloppy success.

Aaaand here's what they look like! Paired with "matching" skirt and generic outfit, of course. You can obviously tell the stitch is kinda gross.
At any rate, this was just a test pair (or, as my sister says, a "rough draft"). Next time, I'm probably gonna buy two pairs of the same tights, to eliminate the texture problem. I'm lookin' at you, Urban Outfitters 2 for $20 tights deal.
Well, and I would post this to tFS, but seeing as I don't have an account... *cough* (just kidding... maybe....)

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