How to - Mui Mui tights tutorial


Thank you to Michelle Elaine from FVNCY for giving me this brilliant idea to paint my own tights! I thought I would just write out what I did to compliment Michelle’s DIY :)

Before You Start

1. Familiarize yourself with painting swallows free-hand. Use any number of Miu Miu photos as a guide
2. Set aside TIME! It took me roughly 45 minutes to paint (and wait for the paint to dry) on one front leg.
3. Do NOT move/shift the tights once you start painting–this will distort your birds and ruin the work you’ve already accomplished!
4. Buy tights one size bigger (if you are not too petite). This will make the tights easier to take off once the paint has dried.

Paint Time!

1. Put tights on and start painting swallows densely. Minimize any goopiness as this will prolong the drying process
2. Take a blow dryer and apply heat (at low setting) directly above the swallow for 15-30 seconds–this is not intended to fully dry the paint, but to speed up the process
3. Apply clear nail polish once the paint has dried
4.Continue painting birds down leg, intermittently checking your progress in a full-length mirror to ensure that the distribution looks ‘right’
5. Continue blow drying all painted swallows to speed up the drying process
6. When the paint feels bone dry to the touch, start slipping your hands under the stocking and wedging your fingers in between your skin and the stocking. It may feel ’sticky’ here, but as long as you don’t see white paint on your leg, continue. Do this until you have peeled the entire stocking off

Et voila! C’est fini! For good measure, I recommend you allow the tights to further dry over night before doing the other side.
And on another note, I was just talking to my very talented friend Chantal from Cocorosa about the explosion of Miu Miu DIY’s in the blogosphere which was all kick started with her very own DIY (where she used stickers and jewels). You can see it HERE

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