What’s the longest that you’ve ever worn tights for?


What’s the longest that you’ve ever worn tights for? How many days? Or is it weeks? Have you ever grabbed a pair of tights out of the laundry basket, out of sheer desperation, in a rush? According to a recent www.tightsplease.co.uk survey a huge 62% of you have!

Even more of a shock, is that over half (54%) of all respondents own a pair of tights that are over five years old! Interestingly though, this isn’t because you aren’t willing to spend money on tights; 65% of people are more than happy to spend over £11, on a single pair of tights!

Thereare many health risks associated with using used tights and old tights, not to mention being incredibly uncomfortable and probably out of style! Obviously grabbing a pair of used tights in a rush, on the odd occasion isn’t going to result in a life threatening illness but washing them regularly is important.

Ditch the old tights ladies and keep the dirty ones in the wash!

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