Knee-deep in dandelions


Shirt/dress - Far East Plaza. Tights - H&M. Belt - New Look. 
Earrings - New Look. Shoes - Chatelet. Rings - Diva. Jacket - Primark.
Happy face - The product of sunshine combined with twenty degrees.

Finally, I can't believe that it's getting warm enough to wear one-shouldered dresses! This actually isn't a dress. Or maybe it is. But I've been wearing it as a shirt for so long that when I suddenly realised that I could wear it as a short, off-shoulder LBD, it was as if lighting had come down from the clouds. (I know that's the horrible simile but all my writing is a work in progress okay?!)

Together with my faux-leather jacket, it made the perfect outfit for dancing and traipsing around town with Anjuly for my friend Shalmalee's birthday. 

It also made the perfect outfit for us to sleep on the couch in, given that we got locked out for the whole night shortly afterwards, but that my friends, is another tale for another time.

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