How to wear patterned tights


Bright and patterned hosiery has caused a stir in the fashion world this season. No longer restrained to just classic black and skin-toned, we can now plump for a brilliant array of vivacious hues, fishnets, geometrics, lacy florals, spirals, and more! But whilst bright and patterned tights look fantastic on the catwalk, it can be tricky to apply the style in the real world. So to help, we've compiled a quick guide to give you ideas on how to wear bright or patterned tights. Get ready to update any look from drab to fab in an instant!

Choose subtle colours
If you have a feeling you won't be able to pull off trendy bright fuchsia or lime-green tights, opt for subtler colours like plum and khaki. You'll still be sporting the hottest look this season, but in a more demure way. Why not take a look at Wolford's Velvet De Luxe tights which come with gorgeous aubergine and rhododendron options.

Just show a glimpse
If you love the patterned tights look but are worried it might be too overpowering, why not ease yourself into the trend by wearing patterned tights under skirts and boots. This is a great look, especially for autumn and winter - try the latest geometric designs for a cosy, pretty look. Gerbe's Voilette tights are a hit for when you need to fill the gap between skirt and boots.
Wear them under trousers

You don't have to wear skirts to wear bright or patterned hosiery. The latest knee highs and ankle highs worn with trousers look just as striking - especially when worn with killer heels! Pretty round toed shoes, court shoes, slingbacks and strappy sandals are excellent choices for this look as they allow colours and patterns to show through. Interested? Check out Pamela Mann Big Net Ankle Highs for inspiration.

Layer up
Why not wear two hot trends at once? Slip some sexy fishnets over bright tights for a great, unique look. Large mesh fishnets like Jonathan Aston Stringers Tights are perfect for layering. Jonathan Aston also have 40 Denier Opaque Tights which come in eight sizzling colours including Candy Pink, Hot Orange and Royal Blue.

Keep clothes simple
The secret to preventing a busy, clashing look is to keep your clothes simple and let your tights take centre stage. For example, if you're wearing tights with a geometric design, don't ruin the look by adding any kind of pattern in the rest of your outfit.

One of the easiest ways to add some texture and interest to a basic black dress is to add patterned tights. Most of the best looks feature an open-work pattern that lets your skin peek through to show texture (they work much like fishnets but in different patterns.) Here’s how to make them work:

Choose smaller repeating patterns for the most subtle look.

Pair patterned tights with simple dresses or tunics: a basic black knee-length dress in jersey, sweater knit or crepe works beautifully with patterned tights.

Almost any shoe works great with patterned tights, even open-toed shoes.

Tone-on-tone looks (black tights with a black dress) are the easiest and most flattering way to wear this look.
And finally...
Wear bright and patterned tights with confidence. Remember - exuding confidence about the way you look is the key to looking fabulous whatever you wear!

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