Magic Minutiae: Vintage Earrings


I'm huge a sucker for details.  To me, the details in an outfit make it - tiny stud earrings, delicate necklaces, a chunky ring.  Nothing thrills me more to see a person in a cute basic outfit with lots of little touches that make it different and individual.  So I was delighted when my fellow blogger Camille, over at announced that she was starting a series called Magic Minutiae that would focus on all the little details in a person's outfit.

She's invited anybody and everybody to join - all you have to go is go to her site and put the Magic Minutiae banner on yours, then link your posts when the time comes.  If you're all detail hounds like me, you know what to do!

This week is the first call for entries and the theme is Vintage Earrings.  At this point, I have to say that I've cheated a little because although I got my earrings from Camden Market, I'm not 100% sure if they're vintage or not.  I suspect they're newly reconstituted from vintage buttons, but I thought they looked old school enough to participate anyway!

The pearlised centre and gold curlicues match with everything from jeans to a cute dress and I constantly find myself reaching for them when I'm looking for studs that don't just hide meekly under the hair.

Dress - Primark.  Necklace - Claire's.  Bracelets - H&M.
Mustard tights - Topshop.  Shoes - H&M.

I wore this to meet with some friends for a potluck dinner.  (Is there a more genius idea than potluck?)  Some people hate these mustard tights, but I'm personally a big fan of how they make any outfit pop like this £10 dress from Primark.  I love the navy colour, the print and the way the fabric falls around the shoulders and the hem.  I think the mustard tights keep it from looking too girly and precious. 

Also, I know that there's a thing called an "arm party" that's coming (back?) into vogue - that is - wearing stacks of bracelets at the same time.  I love the way it looks, but I'm a little bit timid, so I started something that's more like an "arm intimate dinner" with these H&M bracelets. 

Strangely, all the arm parties I've seen on style blogs are extortionate from little branded cord bracelets costing above £50 to massive leather or even stingray bangles that are worth much more.  That's like £500 on on arm!  I don't have the money for such an expense right now, so my bracelets cost about £8 altogether, at £1.99 a set.  Thank you, high street!  I also love how the thread bracelets have little gold buttons as fastenings.  

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