Blogger Interview: Mari G


How do you get your inspiration for the outfits you wear ?
Mostly from other bloggers, also from magazines, even from people at TV, but most of the times I dress the way I imagine myself


Who has had the biggest fashon influence on your outfits ?
I get influenced by many things, I like to mix colurs and textures, lately I've 'discovered' grey color, I wasn't a big fan of it and now I love it.


What blogs and websites do you follow and why ?
I love lots of blogs, I try to read them everyday, some of my favourites are Jewel Style, Sisters and Dresses, Doe Deere Blogazine, Karla's closet,.. some of them are Spanish.


Would you describe yourself as a trendsetter or fashion follower ?
Oh no! Im not a trendsetter! ;) but that would be nice! also, I don't consider myseld a fashion follower, I mean, I don't wear all what is in fashion if I don't like it, I wear things I feel comfortable with and make me feel good, even if they're not in fashion, but I also like to see what's in fashion of course.


How would you describe your style ?
I think I don't have a style, one day I can dress very girlie, next day I can look rockier, next day more classic,.. I like to change! it's weird but I don't have a style I think.


Does the hosiery you wear dictate the clothes,outfit you wear ?
Sometimes it does, sometimes I have a tights I desesperately want to wear for the first time and then make the rest of the outfit according to them



How do you choose your hosiery ?
Just what I like, if I see it and I like it I buy it, I don't think how will I wear them, I just buy them and then decide ;)


Where do you shop for hoseiry ?
Calcedonia, Primark, local stores, internet,..


What was the last item of hosiery you brought, how much you spent etc ?
flowered tights, love them!!


Do you prefer sheer or opaque tights,stockings or holdups,socks or kneehighs,sheer toe or reinforced ?
I love all kind of tights, I mostly own opaque tights, but I love patterned tights too.



When do you wear hosiery,daily-once a week etc ?
Very often!! I love dresses and skirts


What are your style tips for wearing tights ?
Make them match with the rest of the outfit, but also, sometimes, wear them totally opposite the rest of the outfit to make a contrast.


Do you keep a spare pair of tights in your bag ?
No! but I should!


The best and worst things about hosiery, Love-hate ?
Tights for example can change a whole outfit! I have a big collection ;)




Do you recycle your tights ?
No, I confess I don't, but I'm gonna think about that, sounds good!

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