Dotted tights are my choice to injecting a little 50s glamour to my autumn outfit while its opaque quality at the back with a panel of a spot print pattern at front give a twist. No every tights colour works on me, to summerize:

sheer semi opaque black: sexy, elegant, right for every occasion. checked and dotted patterns add some uniqueness.

opaque black: too thick to look like a grandma.

opaque grey: Oh no, it looks like what my 3-year-old niece would be wearing at home with a thick pampers inside.

subtle transparent purple: special, depends on how you match it.

transparent white: glamourous against a light tone outfit, especially with tiny golden threads and sparkling elements on them.

opaque white: I'm not a ballet dancer.

black laced up-to-the-thighs and fishnets: Are you over 18? keep them strictly in your bedroom.

red transparent: too radical even for a feminist.

It's no doubt a difficult job hunting a pair of tights with good quality without spending a few hundred bucks, espeically with less threads which are more transparent. My tips would be going to Japanese department stores that guarantee that if even the tights are scratched, they won't end up being torn off. It helps avoid embarrassing moments.

top 2%// skirt H&M// laced u sandals DVF// bag LOUIS VUITTON// necklace TIFFANY & 

CO.// tights from a local mall//

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