House of Holland's newest tights


courtesy of House Of Holland
A lady can never have too many pantyhose, right? I mean besides bulky coats and sweaters, pantyhose may take up majority of our drawer and closet space. Whether they're sheer and shimmering or opaque and dark, tights are worn year around and can accessorize any attire. Wouldn't your mother be so proud to know you've taken her rules of always wearing pantyhose with dresses and skirts? House of Holland recently announced their newest tights: mesh super suspenders. Can you say sexy? We sure can! These Holland beauties have been seen all over the blogs, on celebs, and in the magazines. We sense the start of a new year trend!
Now for the fun part: dressing these suspenders up. Although the over-the-knee mock suspenders and mesh detailing is to die for, shorter is not always better in this situation. Whether it is a dress or a skirt, try to go with knee length or a bit longer. Try a classic pencil style. The slim form fitting style will not only enhance your curves, but it adds attention to this unique leg wear and allows you to wear them to work!
There are many examples of shoe wear that can also compliment these tights. Oxfords are a definite suggestion. The flat shoe keeps it simple, not contrasting with the detailing of the tights. They also make your body look well proportioned, given the tights will already give you the image of having longer legs. Heels are always a plus, but try to stay away from bright colors. Definitely no red! Wedges are also prefect for suspender tights. The platform bottom adds a sexy but chic look, so you're ready to wear these beauties with any outfit.

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