How to wear white tights and hosiery


 Most of us associate this trend with two basic things: toddlers and the fact that white is the least flattering color to adorn yourself with. However this trend doesn't have to be scary, as long as we understand how to rock it with all the confidence of, oh, say, Blair Waldorf.

For Blair Waldorf and Jenny Humphrey, white tights are a classic part of their prep aesthetic. The secret to their style is wearing them with a sense of purpose I'd almost call cartoonish--the entire look is so over-the-top-schoolgirl-WASP-primaries-and-plaids that there's no mistaking them for girls who are just out of touch. It's almost as if they're saying, "I wore these white tights on purpose. They're trendy. Okay?"

There are only a few rules to this trend: thou shalt wear only opaque white tights, thou shalt wear no more than two bright colors with white tights, and thou shalt own it. Sounds simple enough, right? And yet the trend frightens still. Below are several ideas for ways to wear the tights no matter what style you want to pull off, be it bohemian, preppy, girly, or just an everyday look that doesn't draw too much attention to itself.

1. Bohemian

 This girl's outfit is absolutely adorable, no? She rocks the tights like there's no tomorrow! A patterned dress, oxfords, and a boyfriend sweater all lend a relaxed vibe to the tights, and the pattern on the tights themselves takes away from their would-be starkness. This is proof that white tights can be patterned, ribbed, cream colored, or bright white as long as they are opaque, so that you avoid the pasty look.

2. Preppy

 A neutral tone dress with lace patterned or plain, opaque white tights and a dark cardigan creates a put together look. This look would also work with a blazer or structured coat, as the weather changes, and can be paired with heels, flats, or oxfords. Be sure to keep accessory tone fairly neutral (black, brown, navy, grey or white), but if you're craving a pop of color throw in one bright piece, like red shoes or a yellow headband.

3. Girly

When paired with pastels, white tights look girly chic, not childish. Lilacs, creams, and pale pinks and blues are a safe bet for this look. Pale greens or yellows are even options, as long as your pastels don't clash. This means no yellows with lilacs or blues and no pinks or lilacs with greens. Greens and yellows will look cheery and spring-y, while blues, lilacs and pinks (as in the picture) look feminine and soft. This look is very good with plain white tights, patterned tights, and ribbed tights.

4. Everyday/Subtle

The neutral basics that already fill most of your closet will work well with this trend. Limit your color scheme to two or three colors other than the white tights, and dress as you normally would in spring or summer, adding the white tights for warmth and season-appropriateness. Keep your outfit simple, and you will be able to rock the white tights trend without drawing too much attention.

Will you rock white tights this winter? Or do you think they should be left to the toddlers and ballerinas?

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