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"Step One: Fill the wastebasket with the hottest water possible. (You might want to line the wastebasket to make clean up easier). Add in the powdered dye and stir a little. Let the dye steep until it's good and blue, about five minutes.
Step Two: Get your tights really wet so they can absorb the dye. Then, holding from the top, dip the feet into the solution until they're covered up to the knee. Immediately start to pull them out so this section remains the palest.
Step Three: Slowly continue to pull the tights out of the solution. This process is designed so the bottoms of the tights are the darkest and the tops are white, so hold the knee part in the dye for only a few seconds per dip. Continue dipping tights into the solution until the bottom is a shade darker than you want - this took us about three or four dips, over 15 minutes.
Step Four: Rinse the tights in the sink with cold water, but only from the top. Keep rinsing until the water runs clear. Do not ring the tights out - you’ll get splotches that look more tie-dye than dégradé.
Step Five: Hang tights to dry overnight. We suggest a manicure during this time off since your hands will now resemble a Smurf's.
Step Six: When absolutely bone dry, slip on your new tights and prepare to be inundated with compliments."
Sounds easy enough! Would you be keen to give this a go?

With respect to the original author of this tutorial, I'm following the ethics of reposting or reblogging entries by directing you to for the full text instructions of these DIY ombre tights (click here)!

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