Ombre tights


Ombre tights? We know, it doesn’t sound very appealing when you first hear about them. In fact, it even seems a little awkward and difficult to pair with your outfits, but don’t let your immediate thoughts get in the way of this adorable new trend. 

Wearing ombre tights can improve the look of an otherwise dull outfit. For instance, imagine the nude heels and the loose mini skirt sans the ombre tights in the image on the right. Sure, it would still be cute, but adding the ombre tights offers a fashionable touch, making your kit stand out in the crowd. 

So how do you wear the ombre tights without looking silly? Well, before trying to sport the bold and colorful ombre tights, try pairing the coal tights with a plain loose mini skirt, loose fitted shorts or tight boy shorts. Give yourself some height with a pair of pumps or platform wedges. 

If you’re feeling a little more daring, or if you’re style typically calls for funky pieces to pair with, consider wearing the bright ombre tights with darker or neutral tones. In addition to coal, the ombre tights are offered in fuchsian violet, sunset and navy colors, offering ladies some of the hottest shades of the spring season. 

The fuchsian violet and sunset ombre tights are best paired with dark or neutral toned pieces with colored patterns that bring out the fuchsian violet and sunset shades. For instance, try a pair of black boy shorts with floral or tribal prints in purple and orange. Also, if you want to keep the clothing pieces in plain and solid colors, consider pairing your ombre tights with shoes that match in a subtle way. Don’t overdo it for the sake of being trendy! More is not always a good thing. With the ombre tights, you want to maintain a modern and minimal approach. 

Loving these ombre tights by BZR.

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