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Hello lovelies! 
I’m Katie from The Stylinguist blog...and this is probably one of my first proper guest posts! Lisa kindly asked me if I could do a post about the tights I wear, how I wear them and so on...and of course, I agreed. Tights are a fashion staple – you may not realise it but how often do you put on a dress or a skirt and reach for tights? Whether they’re sheer, black, tan, opaque or patterned, tights are a must (especially for anyone living with Britain’s temperamental weather. It’s always going to be sunny and warm when you leave the house, yes, but I guarantee ten minutes down the road and it’s turned into The Day After Tomorrow! Ok, not quite, but you get the gist).

I have to hold my hands up and admit I’m not very adventurous with tights/hosiery. I see so many people with bold patterns or different colours, and always have the same thought: why didn’t I think of that?! Black tights are my absolute staple though – whether for daytime, work-wear or evening, as they’re incredibly versatile and often set off an outfit well. I pair black tights with bright and bold colours, neutrals and nudes, pastels, and...just about anything else! Pretty Polly are a favourite of mine for opaques, sheers and pretty patterns.

Daytime – for those days that are a little too chilly for baring your pins, or, to create and enhance an outfit. I tend to wear black tights with a range of casual outfits including my Levi shorts below...which are only really acceptable minus the tights when it’s 30 degrees! I find seamless tights best for short items of clothing and often opt for sheer black for a chic look or an opaque 100 denier cotton mix like below (patterned ones would also look great, like this pair of pearl suspender tights from House of!

Work-wear – I tend to wear a lot of dresses for work, adding sheer or opaque black tights helps to smarten up the look whilst keeping you office-appropriate. My tights here are around 40 denier so a mix between sheer and opaque – I usually buy Boots, Primark or New Look brands as you get quite a few pairs for your money and I find them pretty reliable and snag-free!


Night-time – Sheer 15-20 denier tights are great for evenings out and nights on the town.  The sheer look gives a chic edge and often glams up an outfit like below...whilst also covering up if you feel you have too much leg on show! They also look good and create emphasis with neutral tones and pastels such as my cream coloured skirt.



Before I bid you all farewell and thank you for reading, I have to say that my must have staple for the up and coming winter season is thermal fleece tights! They are a Godsend, never again will you have chilly, goosebumpy legs. I would seriously recommend investing in a pair...winter will NOT defeat us.
Thanks for having me!
Katie x

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