How to - Skeleton tights DIY


What you need: Grab a pair of opaque black tights, white acrylic paint and a paint brush

Step 1: For easy painting put the tights on yourself or on a friend, and plan where leg and knee bones will go. Start with the knee and paint a circle, then paint upper leg bones and lower leg bones. You may need to do 2 layers to get a solid look..

Step 2: Wait for paint to dry, do not remove tights before paint is completely dry! When dry, gently remove tights so the paint does not crack. Or just do this DIY before you go out on Halloween, easy!


-wear your panthose
-start free-drawing on the pantyhose's surface
-wait until the paint dry, take it off
-slip newspaper/some cartons inside each pantyhose's leg
-repaint to achieve the vivid black color for your cross (or anything you'd like to draw)
-wait until it dry again
-apply top coat on your crosses!
-ta-dah, you're done!

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