8 Ways to Re-Use Worn or Torn Tights


Hello! So as you guys may know, I wear tights a lot. Like at least 3 days a weekduring the winter. So I have a slight problem- what to do when the tights rip? I don’t like to throw anything away so I try to re-fashion the tights into something else as much as possible. Here are some of my favorite things to do with torn or worn tights.

1. Make Christmas ornaments from brightly colored or patterned ripped tights. DIY tutorial to come on that very soon!

2. Did you tear a hole above the knee on the tights? Don’t be too disappointed- just cut the tights into knee-high socks.

3. Create a DIY turban headband from them. They are perfect for DIY turban headbands because they have just the right amount of stretch to them. Just don’t forget to wash them before you start you DIY:). Would anyone like a tutorial for this?

4. I’m sure that you have probably heard of making dog toys from old, worn out socks. Well, you can do the same thing with your old tights. Your trash becomes your dogs’ treasure.

5. Use them to create scent sachets for your sock drawer.

6. Cut the tights up into long, skinny strips. Then braid them together for a braided headband! I have seen this done to old tee shirts on Pinterest and it would be super easy to do with tights also. Not to mention, I have more worn or torn tights lying around than I do tee shirts.

7. Use them as stuffing for craft projects.

8. Cut them up and use them as gentle hair ties. They don’t cause as much strain on your hair as store bought ones do.

What do you guys think? Will you be trying out any of these ideas?

Thanks for the lovely Torri for these tips. Visit her blog bellow: 

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