Style eclectic


Dress ~ H&M
Tights ~ c/o HauteLegs
Shoes ~ DSW
Bracelet ~ Forever 21

Apparently, I'm all about the lace these days. A couple weeks ago I featured some saucy lace tights from HauteLegs. And while I thought it might look a bit nutty to pair the lace leggings with my new lace H&M dress (also, $20, wtf?!), my third pair of HauteLegs went just right with this hot pink number. With a blue seam up the back, these tights reminded me of a scene from the movie Hope and Glory. In it, a girl has her little brother draw a stocking seam up her leg with a marker. I remember watching that scene and thinking how silly it was that she wanted to draw in a seam to pretend she had stockings on, rather than just go bare-legged. But now I kinda get it. There's something sweet and sassy about the seam, and I'm diggin it.

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