What tights does Kate middleton wear ?


I’m often asked how Kate Middleton‘s legs always look so wonderful. The topic has remained a constant point of discussion among those who follow Kate’s style. Some wonder if she’s constantly in a tanning booth, or if she uses a topically applied “tan in a can” product.

The reality is that the Duchess of Cambridge has long worn what we call pantyhose here in the U.S., known as “tights” in the U.K. Kate is seen wearing them as far back as her 2005 graduation from Saint Andrews.

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As a rule the hose are very sheer, as when the Duchess was visiting the seaport community of Grimsby in March.

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It can be next to impossible to detect them on those famous legs: there are no telltale wrinkles, no sagging or bagging. They are practically invisible.

On isolated occasions, Kate has foregone the hose, but most of those instances have been when she is dressed very casually, as at this 2006 polo match.

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At times the Duchess wears hose with a subtle sheen. That style was seen most frequently on her North American tour in 2011. You can see just the hint of shimmer in this photo of Kate visiting Montreal; she’s wearing a Catherine Walker dress.

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I’m frequently asked what brands Kate wears. One classic photo taken during that 2011 Royal Tour provides a clue:

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When looking closely at the sole of the left foot, you can just see some striping. That is a foot grip, added to help ensure one’s shoes don’t slip off. It is the hallmark of the house brand offered by British department store John Lewis.

Once it was discovered that Kate wore the John Lewis “Non-Slip Barely There” hose, Kate fashion fans were ordering them by the dozen. They sell for £5 per pair. 

A retailer offering the Philippe Matignon brand says that Kate wears their hose as well, telling me the Duchess has worn the “Jade Sheer 20 Denier” style. This brand also offers a non-slip style. Philippe Matignon are pricier, perhaps best referred to as “investment level pantyhose,” as they sell for £10-£15. If you’re purchasing this style it might be best to wear cotton gloves when putting them on—at that price a run would be very costly indeed!

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