‘Pantyhose’ are currently a very topical debate in the fashion realm!


‘Pantyhose’ are currently a very topical debate in the fashion realm!

Split views on whether a woman should walk ‘wrapped’ (in pantyhose) or ‘unwrapped’ (with bare legs) is a conversation which the only comfortable conclusions seems to lye with the individual.

Many are opposed to what is seen as an old fashioned notion – or a conservative one (a huge majority of woman partner going to a job interview, a wedding or being royalty with wearing pantyhose – Kate Middleton is definitely Queen of the hose!) and yet this season, there are a number of fashions finest, stepping out in sheer black pantyhose looking undeniably sexy with their covered pins.

Due to perhaps being associated with conservatism, or maybe it’s the awkwardness in wriggling into the tightness of stockings that put people off? Whatever the reason, this is the season to re-think any preconceived convictions about pantyhose and there is a simple reason why: They are in fashion!

Pantyhose don’t work alone however. This seasons leggy fad requires more than pulling some sheer back pantyhose on, this is one that revolves around the right styling just as much as the right brand.

Style wise – it’s edgy.

F/W’13 has a sex infused, rock tinged direction in which sheer stocking play a part.

Worn predominantly with leather shots, black mini skirts or a seriously sexy LBD, whatever your choice, the one rule is to keep it short!

Knee length or even this seasons dirndl skirt wont hold the emphasis on leggy length and aren’t the most stunning of companions to the pantyhose – mostly due to the fact that they don’t show the required amount of leg!

With this seasons pantyhose, the key to looking sensational and very ‘now’ in terms of a seasonal approach – is by keeping the length of the garment you wear SHORT!

Doing this will showcase your hose and your legs perfectly!

Sheer black pantyhose, with their add-on of sophistication, need to be worn with a few rules in mind.

Most importantly is partnering them with ‘covered toes’! An open toe shoe and a pair of pantyhose is just pure disaster – not matter how amazing the shoes might be!

(NOTE: this rule applies to ALL tones of pantyhose – not just sheers black!)

Quality is also key!

The last thing you want is a ladder in your pantythose – which is easily made if the stockings of choice are cheap.

I currently only wear ‘Lela Love’, a brand that is Hong Kong based and designed to work with our Asian environment.

By investing in a designer pair that I know, I can feel confident that my pantyhose won’t became visibly distressed (with horizontal lines when stretched too much) and are less likely to snag on my nails, the taxi door or a restaurant chair.

The pantyhose trend is one that does ask for both investment into the product as well as a keen eye for styling.

It isn’t as easy as simply pulling a pair on – you have to pull on the RIGHT pair

So if your going to wear them, wear them with the edge and sassiness that denotes F/W 2013!

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