Apologies if posting has been a bit slow lately, but I am sick as a dog.  There has been a sudden cold snap here and I went down like a fly.  (Apparently last Sunday was the coldest in 117 years.  YEAH.  Thanks a lot.)

I'm so congested that my whole face hurts and I can't smell a thing, which is really annoying me.  I mean, what is the point of doing the smell test on my clothes if they all smell void?

Anyroad, here are some pictures from an outfit earlier in the week, when the temperature first dipped into the minuses. 

Dress - Primark.  Sweater - Esprit.  Coat - Tesco.
Socks - Marks and Sparks.  Sheer tights - H and M.  
Oxfords - New Look.  Earmuffs - Accessorise.  Earrings - Present!

Estimated temperature: -1.  Not kidding.

I bought this woolly sort of dress from Primark when I first got here, knowing I would probably have to break it out for winter, although I was not expecting the dead of winter to hit in November.  Nonetheless, it's warm and looks cute and though I find wool a little scratchy, it's nothing an inner layer won't solve.

I've been on a big knee-high socks kick recently and I love just how fabulous they look with all kinds of shoes and tights or leggings.  They really bring an element of playfulness to the outfit, which I love!

These cute studs are from a set that Shriya and Anjuly bought me for my birthday from Claire's which is a cross between sweetie-pie and rock 'n' roll looks.  They look great mixed and matched!

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