Birthday tights


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On January the 14th of this year I turned 16. I wanted to spend it with close friends. However my parents had to work, so i was left babysitting, fortunately when my cousin heard this, she said she would drive down with my nanny and they would look after my sisters and come wish me happy birthday. In the next hour my cousin arrived, and closely followed with my friends. We had a lovely day watching films, eating pizza and having fun. 

Two days later me, three friends, my dad and little sister, drove into Oxford to a studio above an art studio. The studio was only £15 per hour, our photographer was a friend of my dad's the atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed, we spent 2 hours taking pictures and having a laugh. Dad paid Amina (our photographer) and then paid for her to stay an extra hour to take some photos of her niece and nephew.

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The theme of the photo shoot was - A little black dress and a pair of bright tights. It was inspired by the Saturdays music video for their song 'Up'.

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My outfit was all from hightstreet shops-

The dress was from Apple Snow, £10

The tights were from Accessorize - £6

Necklace is from H Samuel, it was a gift

Ribbon from the local wool shop - £1

I thought i'd share some of the pictures on your blog as i love tights.

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