What Color Tights Are Worn Under an Off-White Dress ?


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Wearing tights under an off-white dress can look either really good or really bad; it depends on you. Wearing the wrong color of tights can make your outfit a disaster. It can also add the appearance of weight to your legs. If you rock the just-right tights, however, you'll add color, drama and style to your frock.

Work Look

Although you want to look stylish at work, you don't want to rock the boat too much with your tights color choice. Celebrity stylist and costume designer Alison Levine suggests going with earth tones like chocolate brown, black, navy or emerald green. To up your style quotient, match your shoes to your tights for a chic monochromatic look. The colors look good with your dress and give you just the right amount of sass.

Classic Look

If you need to look classy for church, a wedding or a similar affair, play it safe by donning sheer nude tights. Brought back into the spotlight by Catherine, duchess of Cambridge, these hose give the illusion of a bare leg but keep them warm and looking flawless. A pair of killer heels is the perfect match for the tights, as they also add length to your legs.

Date Look

If you're looking to impress your flame, go with patterned hose, suggests Levine. "Look for tights that are one color, but incorporate a delicate diamond pattern or even rosettes," she says. Black and navy are sexy choices, and the dark colors will showcase the patterns perfectly. To add a bit of glimmer to your look, rock jeweled heels and a sparkly cocktail ring.

Fun Look

If you're going out to brunch with the gals or looking to dance the night away, you'll need some tights that look good and add a bit of fun to your ensemble. Bright colors and animal prints are the perfect way to add style to your look, such as a pair of leopard-print hose, which will complement your dress and not compete with it. However, be careful not to go overboard with the look, says Levine. Don simple makeup and red nails for a splash of color that is sexy, not skanky.

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