Floral neutral, "I don't have anything to wear!


When I saw that the topic for this month was floral, my first reaction was "I don't have anything to wear!"  Then I smacked myself in the head, told myself to get over it and improvise.  After all, what's the point of loving clothes if you can't be versatile when working with them?

And so, instead of running out and buying something spring-bright and floral, I decided to go with a muted neutral-floral look based around this cherry blossom blouse I bought ages ago from H and M's last season collection and paired it with subtley floral accessories.  For £5, you can't go far wrong!

I ended up really liking the look, it's definitely not the usual bohemian look I associate with florals, but still lots of fun.  And how cute are the slim little rings I got from H and M? 

Coat - Tesco.  Blouse - H and M.  Pencil skirt - Marks and Spencer.
Clutch - Primark.  Shoes - Debenhams.  Rings, hairclip and earrings - H and M.

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