Dinner at eight, Back home, one of the things The D and I like to do is eat


Back home, one of the things The D and I like to do is eat.  (This explains my not-quite-svelte physique.)

I mean,  I don't think there's anyone who doesn't like to eat.  We have an unapologetic love affair with our food that most of the world greets with disbelief, and occasionally, disgust.  There are many eateries that stay open 24 hours and they're packed most of the time.  Most places don't close for the break between lunch and dinner because people keep right on going in between as well.  Going to dinner is a huge event, trumped only by the enthusiasm with which a 2am supper is greeted.  And don't even get me started on buffets.

So back home, we continually look out for good new places to try, and since The D is as sartorially um... inclined as I am, we like to get a bit fancy to do it.

When he came to visit, we made sure to hit up new places every.  Single.  Lunch and dinner.  I'm embarrassed to say that at least 50% of the schedule revolved around reservations.  Particularly exciting was the night we met up with five of my classmates/friends to try dinner at the much-hyped Jamie's Italian in the next city.

Top - Primark.  Jean leggings - New Look.  Oxfords - New Look.
Croc clutch - Secondhand vintage.  Earrings - F21.  Bracelet - Fie Japan.  
Rings - Diva.

I'd just bought this bright mustard top from Primark and I love how voluminous and relaxed the fit is.  Aki, a fellow blogger, suggested that there should be a specific category for outfits to eat in , I agree) and this definitely fits in that category.

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