Plus Size Tights Review


Tights, hosiery, whatever, I know for most plus size chicks the mere mention of those pesky leg coverings, at the very least, brings on a collective groan. Inconsistent sizing, bad quality, bad fit are just some of the annoyances we face, not to mention extortionate prices.

I was recently contacted by Laura at The Big Tights Company, she very kindly asked if she could send me a couple of pairs of tights from their range to try out. I of course was very excited to do so, as I know it's a huge bug bear for lots of ladies out there.

I was sent the Paris Lady and the All Woman tights.

I forgot to get a full shot of the Paris Ladies but I wore them to uni last Monday and they were comfortable, stayed put all day with no Nora Batty ankles or saggy crotch and most importantly, I actually got them past my thighs!

The All Woman were even easier to get on and they had a huge amount if stretch to them!!

Now I'm aware the sight of me in tights isn't the most appealing thing in the world, but I just wanted to give you a full idea of how they sat and the stretch that's in them. They come up really high in the waist which I love. I'm a fan of the belly warmers, I like full coverage when it comes to tights. 

As you can see I have VERY substantial thighs which is where I usually struggle with tights. I'll get them mid thigh and then feel like they're cutting off my blood supply, have a missive hissy fit and rip them off. This was not the case with these tights. My one tiny little thing is that my personal preference is for a thicker denier, I love a good 80/100 and above if possible, I'm not a fan of tights that are too sheer and if I was wearing something knee length with these I'd be absolutely fine, but anything shorter I do prefer a thicker tight. 

But the Big Tights Company is a small independent brand so hopefully with our support they'll be able to look at developing some thicker deniers? Maybe? Please? ;) 

What I will add too, which is massively important is that they go up to a UK size 42 (a 90" hip) which is amazing, I challenge you to find another company who do that, it's fantastic to think that a small indy company can do that when huge brands refuse to cater for anyone above a size 24. 

I would happily recommend these to anyone, it's so rare to find tights that fit and fit right. Well done Laura and the rest of the team!! Great product!!

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