The best maternity tights



Here are our ten of the best maternity tights...

1. High-street two-pack £13

Ten per cent lycra to support your legs and tummy, a good basic black to see you through the cooler days of summer while fine enough to wear with a tea dress, and a great price. What’s not to like?

2. Long-lasting luxury £23.95
Marks and Spencers

Yes, they’re rather more than one would usually spend on a pair of tights: but as you might expect from Spanx, these really do deliver: support panel, wide waistband, lower back support and all. If other tights ladder or collapse on you, these will probably be well worth the investment: buy a black and a nude, wash them carefully and they’ll end up being better value for money than endless cheaper pairs.

3. Sheer £8

Lightweight and sheer, these 15 Denier elasticated tights are great for a special occasion with a Little Black Dress. They will fit all the way through pregnancy, plus their supportive stretch helps keep your bump feeling comfortable all evening long.

4. Secret support £8
John Lewis

Seriously supportive tights, with a whopping 16 per cent lycra that’ll cradle your growing bump while also giving your legs the help they need if you’re prone to varicose veins, and complete with cotton gusset. They’re probably a little too heavy for all but the coolest summer days (though you never know!) but from autumn to late spring they’re a great-value buy.

5. Colour me fabulous £23.60

Most tights, unsurprisingly, come in black or nude with the odd grey or navy thrown in. If you prefer to work a more boho colourful look, these footless numbers may be a very good choice: not only do they come in a pleasing range of shades, they’re also equipped with a lightweight graduated compression to help your legs. 

6. Never knowingly under-bumped £8

Satin sheers from the nation’s favourite. Not the cheapest on the market but known for its quality; a pair of these will give your outfit the unobtrusive underpinning it needs.

7. Barely there £6
Marks and Spencers

Formal clothes and high summer can cause a problem in the leg department: when it’s tights-off time in the rest of the world, your office may not agree. This pair weighs in at seven denier, so are an excellent option when the temperature’s hitting the high twenties but going bare-legged is off the agenda.

8. Luxury alternative £29

Not strictly maternity tights but recommended for the purpose, and oh-so-luxurious….if you’ve got a special occasion, or alternatively if you’re just longing to upgrade your outfit (note: there’s no VPL with these seamless numbers!) you could do a lot worse than splashing out on a pair of these Wolford lovelies.

9. Natural textiles £15

Thought tights couldn’t be ethical? Think again. These are made from Oeko-Tex fabric, making them the ideal choice for those of us who prefer to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. Buy a pair along with those reusable nappies you’re eyeing up, and your eco-halo will be even brighter.

10. Footless fallback £7

A pair of footless tights is a must in the pregnant lady’s wardrobe – the kind of easy-wear basic that bridges the gap between proper leggings and tights under a stretchy dress on days when you want to upgrade from the baggy-shirt look but don’t want to go completely formal. These will do the job perfectly.

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