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-          How do you get your inspiration for the outfits you wear?

Well, I think that my outfits are born from many different circumstances and situations. Of course, one of the most important inspirations I get came from other blogs and bloggers that show in their websites what they wear daily. I am a blog addict and I am always searching for the newest, the most different and everything that appeal to me when I was surfing the net. Also I am a bit observer when I walk at the street, I always see what other people wear and I found in it new ideas for new outfits. The big stores also influence on me, Inditex and all this kind of fashion stores that are everywhere and adapt the highest tendencies to lower prices.

-          Who has had the biggest fashion influence on your outfits?

I think that, apart from all I mentioned before, the most important for me it’s that the tendencies, the fashion waves that appear every season get on well with me,  the clothing have to fit me, and this it’s the most important, I can’t wear something if I feel that it doesn’t fit me. After that, they have to appeal to me. There isn’t any rule, and that’s why I can wear a lot of different styles.

Outfit 5



-          What blogs and websites do you follow and why?

I follow a lot of blogs and it would be impossible to enumerate every one, but I could give examples for many of my tendencies for choosing a blog. Ones are chosen because they are world wile bloggers that have in their post the influence to change people tendencies and I find the really inspiring. Two examples of this kind of blogs can be “The Blonde Salad” and “Lovely Pepa”. I also follow blog that show me how to make DIY like “Crimenes de la Moda” or “Honestly WTF” and I also follow blogs that live in the same situation than me, girls that are studying the same as me, or that have similar lifes, for instance, blogs like “Dear Diary” or “Look Lady”. I also like to follow blogs from different part of my country to see the differences in styles, I read blogs from Andalucia, Barcelona, Madrid, and Galicia.

-          Would you describe yourself as a trendsetter or a fashion follower?

I would like to see me as a trendsetter, but at this moment I’m more a fashion follower, I was starting in this fashion world and I need much more experience to see me as something like that, but of course if one of my outfits or my style in general create a new tendency it would be awesome!

-          How would you describe your style?

As I said before, I don’t have a regular style, I like to try all of them and find the clothes that fit me in each one of them. But I always think that the most important for me it’s to feel comfy, it doesn’t matter if I wear heels or sneakers, a smart dress or a pair of jeans, I have to feel  comfy and also I have to see me pretty!

-          Does the hosiery you wear dictate the clothes/outfit you wear?

I think that, in this case, it depends on my awakening, some days I chose a dress or a skirt and then I look for the suitable pair of tights, and other days, I want to wear a pair of tights and I search in my closet for items that can get on well with it. Of course I have tights that take me to specific clothing, for example an openwork pair of tights usually make me choose smart and feminine dresses and skirts but at some moment I like to try them with urban or casual outfits and I have great results! (Outfit 1)

Outfit 1

-          What is in your hosiery drawer or closet?

In my hosiery drawer there is almost everything! I have strong thick tights for winter in different colors (purple, brown and black), I have basic sheer tights in black (Outfit 2) or fresh colored, I have a lot of this kind of hosiery, a lot of boxes that fill my drawer. And I also discover now a passion for the openwork tights, I started with these ones (Outfit 1) and the last I bought were two pair from Marie Clare (Outfit 3). And I also have sheer tights in bright colors like purple (Outfit 4) and golden. I also have some pair of high socks in different prints and textures (Outfit 5).

-          Where do you shop for hosiery?

If we are talking about simple sheer tights I usually buy them in local stores, but when we talk about elaborated ones I bought them in tights stores like Calzedonia or Ferpes. If I found a funny pair of tights in another place I will buy it for sure, like in Primark (Outfit 1).

-          What was the last item of hosiery you brought, how much do you spend?

The last item I bought was shown on my blog in this link ( (Outfit 2) and they were three pair of tights that I bought in Ferpes. I went into the shop looking for a pair of thick tights for my niece and I ended the journey buying these wonderful tights. There were in a incredible offer and I bought each pair for only 1€, even when some of them cost more than 10€ at first.

Outfit 2

-          How does wearing tights make you feel emotionally?

I love wearing tights because I feel really feminine with them, I look more beautiful and it makes me feel powerful and happier.

-          Do you physically like the feel of tights and touch?

I always have to feel well and comfy with the tights I wear, I find impossible to wear a pair of tights that are too tight or that are too loose. And of course the touch they have it’s really important too, I can’t wear a pair of tights that have a coarse material, for instance.

-          When do you wear hosiery?

I don’t have a routine with wearing tight and I can be possible to have a week without seeing any pair of tights on me and another where I wear tights almost every day. One thing it’s clear, I always put tights when I have an important event or and special occasion.

Outfit 3

-          Do you keep a spare of tights in your bag?

I don’t do it every time, but this is an obligatory step if you have and important event, a meeting, a wedding, something like this. If I wear them only for going to a friend’s party or in an informal occasion I don’t usually keep it.

-          The best and worst things about hosiery, Love-hate?

The best of course is the feeling of beauty, you look prettier and smarter with them and this can improve your mood that is even more important than your physical appearance. The worst…that you can’t sit everywhere and you have to be more careful with what you do.

Outfit 4



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