Blogger interview - Charlotteclothier


How do you get your inspiration for the outfits you wear ?
 Mainly I get inspiration from other lookbook members, and from music videos, especially florence and the machine, I used to get lots of inspiration from tumblr, but i deleted it :( it was hard to keep up with all these social network sites!! 

Who has had the biggest fashon influence on your outfits ?
 Kayla Hadlington! :) its probably obvious but she is a doll! 

What blogs and websites do you follow ?
 I follow lots of bloggers as a way to say thank you for following mine, but i don't really check anyones blog out because I have no time really, when I'm online its lookbook, and replying to emails e.t.c I am a busy madam! 

Would you describe yourself as a trendsetter or fashion follower ?
 trendsetter, I have seen a lot of people always pick up things from me, or ask me where i get stuff from, and they love how i put outfits together, colour co-ordination e.t.c :) It can be a positive thing but when I was younger it used to irritate me, Especially when they don't credit me!! 

How would you describe your style ?

Does the hosiery you wear dictate the clothes,outfit you wear ?
 Yes I would say so! I love my ballet tights from and i love a pair of stockings on a gothic outfit! or long socks!! it always compliments your legs, bare legs never look good!! especially when it gets chilly, my legs turn the colour of corned beef!! haha 

What is in your hosiery drawer or closet ? -glittery tights -charity shop, -ballet tights - - black knee high socks, - new look. - white knee high socks, - agent provocteur. - spider web tights, a joke shop in town. black lace hold ups,, black fish net tights, a joke shop in town. blue floral tights, claires accesories.

How do you choose your hosiery ? normally try and match it with a top or a colour of my outfit! or sometimes i like to completely clash the colours! 

Where do you shop for hosiery ?

What was the last item of hosiery you brought, how much you spent etc ?
 I bought romwe ballet tights from and they were about $15 

What type of tights do you recommend ?
I love opaque tights, and then hold ups and stockings for a gothic look, and knee high socks if i were to wear tutus or skirts! 

Do you ever wear 10 denier tights or sheer hose if so how long do they last you ?
 No i have never worn them, not my thing :/

How does wearing tights make you feel emotionally ?
, I guess it makes me feel more girly, i hate wearing see through tights with a skirt i feel a bit insecure, but black ones or dark ones i feel more comfortable knowing that if i bent over my bottom won't be on full display! teehee

Do you physically like the feel of tights and touch ?
Yes tights feel good with a dress or a skirt to add femininity, but i do feel more secure in pants!

When do you wear hosiery,daily-once a week etc ?
 Once a week i suppose, depending if I'm going out town, if I'm staying around the house some pants are good! but yeh hosiery shows your legs off to the boys ;) 

What are your style tips for wearing tights ?
 DO NOT WEAR big knickers with tights! you need to wear a thong or you will get a nasty panty line! ugh embarrassing! 

How do you put your tights on ? 
um i just put them on ahha :S not sure if there is a perfect way of doing it, but yeh sometimes i do get holes in them from my toes thats if the material is thin! 

Do you keep a spare pair of tights in your bag ?
 nooooo never done that, don't mind getting a hole or a ladder! i just pretend its supposed to be like that! 

The best and worst things about hosiery, Love-hate ? 
hate that there expensive sometimes, love the different patterns you can get on tights!! i love how they make ladies legs look luscious! !!! 

Do you recycle your tights, if not how many pairs of tights do you throw away each month ?
 Yeah i recycle them, if they have holes in them i stick some sequins on them or jewels and keep them in my art/costume cupboard ;) i never throw any out!! 

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