And... we're back! OR Roadtested: 15 denier knee-highs


Hello!  Yes, it's me!  At least, my laptop has come back to me with a brand new keyboard and touchpad, all for free!  (This is the last time I disparage Mac customer service and gripe about the interface being mildly user-unfriendly.)  Pictures are going on like a dream, the screen is lovely and big and bright... can you tell that my words are flowing more smoothly already? 

I took the pictures for this post a little while ago, but was unable to upload them until today.  Don't assume though, that it isn't still this cold in beloved Inklund.  The weather vacillates between chirpy and sunny and pelting with rain in the matter of tens of minutes.  Thanks, Inklund.  Thanks.

Anyway, at the time that I took the pictures for this post, I had just bought a box of 15 denier kneehighs from Marks and Sparks and wanted to test them out, so I wore them to a sort of class meeting with friends.  I'm a little bit confused by how I feel about them because while I like the way they look, let's see how they stack up in terms of use, shall we?

What:  15 denier "ladder resist" knee highs.  They look like a giant tube sock when you take them out of the box and have a dark nylon bit on the top.  You get 3 pairs in one box, so it's good value for money.

How they work:  Well, in terms of looks, you'll see that they pretty much deliver at promised.  They were comfortable, stayed up, and in my view looked quite lovely.  Also, the guys in the class were quite fascinated by them and tried them on like socks, leg hair notwithstanding.  (I paired them with Oxfords to avoid too much of a... uh... streetwalker vibe.)

In terms of ladder resist though... I have to say that I'm really unhappy but a giant hole appeared in the toe of one of them after I walked to class!  Thankfully, it was the toe, so I can still wear them.  I don't know if this was because my toenail was sharp and chafed it to bits or anything, but I was still really upset because Marks and Sparks tights are traditionally quite good and I was disappointed that they didn't hold up.

However, 15 denier really is very thin, and it could have been a fluke, so I'll have to test the other two pairs.  If they end up performing better, I'll put in an edit and let you know.

Will I be back for more?  Possibly yes, because they look cute, but I don't want to be wearing them out at the rate of a pair per wear.  So only if the other pairs are more tough.

FYI, they have boxes of 20 denier which might perform better.

Coat - Zara.  Cardigan - Present from mom.  Cami - Primark.
Oxford heels - Chatelet.  Shorts - DIY.  Earrings - Anjuly.  
Knee highs - M and S.  Necklace - Spitalfields.

In terms of the outfit, I know lots of people tell me this coat looks like a bathrobe, but it's so snuggly and warm that I don't care.  If not for the fact that it was white, I would wear it every day.  Given the weather, I don't see myself discarding my coats any time soon!  

Oh, the joys of consistent posting and big, bright pictures once more!  Blogging should go back to its usual schedule and thank you so much for continuing to read and comment, it really makes my day!

PS  I was thinking of doing a roadtest/review of all the tights I've ever worn and rating them according to the shops that sell them - would anyone be interested in a collective tight review?  I ask because when I wear my good tights, lots of people ask me where they're from and don't seem to know where to find good quality pairs.

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