Wearing tights with open toe shoes


Along with mixing metals when wearing jewelry, wearing white after Labor Day, and sporting red lipstick in the morning, wearing pantyhose with open-toe shoes is a fashion faux pas of the highest order. Or, is it? According to style gurus, like Stacy London, former Vogue fashion editor and co-host of TLC's What Not to Wear, many of fashion's supposed golden rules are quite malleable.

When it comes to wearing pantyhose or tights with open-toe shoes, it all boils down to deliberate execution. In an interview with Reader's Digest, London states: "You need to find tights so it looks like you're doing it deliberately, not like you forgot you were wearing open-toe shoes." It is all about going all in with your choice of shoes and pantyhose, and avoiding nude hosiery

Avoid Nude and Sheer Pantyhose at All Costs

The rule regarding pantyhose and open-toe shoes is not a blanket ban on all forms of hosiery, just nude and sheer pantyhose. According to Sharon Haver, editor in chief at FocusOnStyle, it is tacky for a woman to pass off nude pantyhose as a bare leg while wearing open-toe shoes or strappy sandals.

The whole point of strappy sandals is to show off some skin, while a peep-toe shoe highlights perfectly pedicured toes. The reinforced toe or toe seam on a pair of nude pantyhose hose often obscures the toes when worn with open-toe shoes.

Haver advises women to go all in and think in terms of extremes when pairing pantyhose or tights with open-toe shoes. According to Haver, a woman should wear opaque pantyhose in a bold color with contrasting open-toe heels or strappy pumps.

Choose Pantyhose in a Bold Color

Wear a pair of opaque pantyhose in a bold hue to add a splash of color to a winter outfit. Opaque pantyhose and tights are available in a myriad of colors. Of course, a pair of basic black pantyhose is a wardrobe staple, as the color complements almost any fall or winter outfit.

Pair black pantyhose with a navy-blue pencil skirt or a bottle-green wrap dress. Flesh out your hosiery drawer with colorful choices, like burnt orange, royal purple, red, and green. A spectrum of solid colors allows you to create a variety of fall and winter looks.

Take the plunge, and invest in a few pairs of patterned pantyhose or textured tights. If you are new to wearing patterned pantyhose, then stick to wearing solid colors on top and on your feet.

Select a Contrasting Open-Toe Shoe

A pair of pantyhose in a bold color draws attention to the legs. Consider choosing a pair of pumps instead of a pair of flats, as heels help to elongate the legs. Open-toe pumps include strappy heels, ankle-strap pumps, peep-toe pumps, and T-strap pumps. When pairing pantyhose and open-toe shoes, you should not only consider the contrasting colors, but also contrasting textures.



Ankle-strap pumps with textured pantyhose 

Matte, black pantyhose with black, shiny vinyl pumps


Peep-toe pumps with colored pantythose 

Solid, contrasting colors (e.g., purple and green; black and blue; orange and green)


Strappy heels with patterned pantyhose 

Contrast size of motif or type of pattern
Wearing a peep-toe shoe with pantyhose in a contrasting color transforms the shoes into a pair of cap-toe heels. A pair of black opaque pantyhose helps the bright colors in a pair of open-toe shoes to pop. Use opaque pantyhose to dress down a pair of evening heels for daytime. When it comes to wearing patterns, either pair shoes with patterned uppers with opaque pantyhose in a solid color, or wear patterned pantyhose with an open-toe shoe in a solid color.

Do not be afraid to wear a statement shoe that combines patterns and alternating colors. Match one part of the shoe, for example the heel and sole, to the jacket or skirt that you are wearing, and a color in the pattern to the pantyhose you are wearing.

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