How to select nude hosiery


Special events and work almost certainly require women to dress formally and professionally. Hosiery comes in an array of styles and colors, but many women prefer a simpler, more natural look. Nude hosiery is sheer and skin-colored, and when worn appropriately it is virtually undetectable. Wearing nude hosiery gives legs the illusion of smoother, even skin tone, making it ideal for women who are self-conscious about the appearance of their legs. Select hosiery in the right size and flesh tone that suits you best.

Pick the style that complements the outfit. Knee-high hosiery is appropriate for skirts or capri pants that fall a minimum of one inch below the knee to prevent the elastic at the top of the hosiery from showing. Thigh-high stockings are worn with shorter skirts, but must be worn with a garter belt to prevent the stockings from falling down. Pantyhose are worn with virtually any type of bottoms, as they are worn like leggings and cover the entire leg.

Compare your skin tone to the samples provided on the hosiery packaging. Most brands offer several different shades in each style. Choose a color that is slightly lighter in color than your skin, as your natural color show through the sheer nylon or lycra hosiery and make it appear darker. This way, the hosiery matches your skin tone appropriately and does not appear too dark or pale.

Select a size that fits you appropriately. Lycra is more stretchable than nylon and is often purchased one size smaller than what you normally need. Buying the right size is essential when wearing nude hosiery. Hosiery that is too big causes sagging and bunching of the fabric, which makes it obvious that you are wearing it.

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