How to Stop Your Tights Falling Down


This isn’t the most glamorous how to you’ll find on my blog, but boy oh boy has it made my life more pleasant!
If, like me, you’re on the taller or more curvy side, then you’ll probably have experienced the annoyance of your tights falling/rolling down. For some reason most fashion stores seem to offer tights in ‘one size’, and even when a large is on offer, I still often find that they are just that bit too short. This results in a couple things – the waistband rolling down and creating an attractive squeezy line around my tummy & muffin top-like lumps and bumps, and the gusset slowly working its way down towards my knees – highly uncomfortable, and also leading to thigh-chafing. Urgh.
So, how to stop this? Well here’s my little trick.
You will need…
  • A pair of comfortable control top tights
  • A pair of scissors (preferably fabric, but any sharp scissors will do!)
You simply cut the legs off the tights where the gusset meets the leg, and next time you wear those tights that have a tendency to roll/fall down, pop the resulting ‘shorts’ over the top. Voila – no lumps and bumps, and your tights will stay up all day!

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