How to keep your tights up


Tight slidage. It’s something every tight wearing woman has to deal with. You slide your tights on in the morning and then by lunchtime the crotch is sliding half way down your leg and the waist band is cutting you off around your hips like a string wrapped ham. It’s bullshit. I do actually have a solution to this problem, a solution that I thought was common knowledge but when I shared this solution with some friends recently it seems I’m a tortured genius in the area of under garment securement. Want to know how to keep your tights up?

Wear your underwear over your tights.

I think it might be a dancing girl thing but I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. It keeps my tights in place all day, reduces VPL (my arch nemesis) and it makes me look like I’m about to do an aerobics class in 1983 which is obviously excellent.

Wondering about the hygiene situation here? I wear tights like underwear and I only wear them once before washing them. I own about a dozen pairs and rotate through them all winter and then I stock up on a few new pairs each June. It’s the perfect system plus I look like a god damn superhero. Check this shit out.

I figured you guys would need a visual on this. Just know that if you see me wearing tights, underneath my clothes, there’s some serious Wonder Woman shit happening.

Do you wear your undies over your tights or under them? Would you consider trying out my super hero solution to tight slidage?

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