Fashion: Tights and Open Toe Trend


A little post today to discuss a trend I have mixed reviews on. So here is the question: should you ever wear tights with open toe shoes?
Usually, I always go for no. With living in a country where getting bare legs out is quite rare, I tend to wear tights with all my dresses, skirts and shorts on a daily basis. However, there is nothing more annoying than having to limit your footwear choice because those really nice shoes aren’t going to work due to the peep toe. I mean, does anyone really care? I recently got my hands on a new pair of skin coloured tights from Wolford – the style of them are ‘Naked 8’ and come in shade ‘cosmetic’, as I wanted a natural pair to wear this Summer. It has been due to wearing these lovely tights that has opened up this trend debate in my head this week…

Even though it may be Summer, I still don’t feel we have had warm enough days to wear bare legs with dresses everyday – especially not in air conditioned offices. What I love about wearing these are they are ultra-fine with an attractive transparent look; pretty much like make-up for your legs. They are super stretchy, which is ideal because who ever wants ‘tight’ tights? The best thing about them though is that they have an unreinforced sandal toe, making them ideal for wearing with open-toed shoes as the toe line isn’t so obvious. I tried them out for the first time with a new pair of chunky heeled open-toe sandals from Next which I purchased last week… have a see what you think!

In my opinion, it’s really no big deal to ditch the rules and wear your open toe shoes and tights with pride. I felt confident and comfortable wearing these, and would do this more often. If you chose a good pair of soft, sheer tights like the ones I opted for from Wolford, ideally with a hidden obvious toe seam, then in my eyes it’s completely fine.

Thought girls?

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