Patterned tights are a fun ! 5 top tips


Long gone are the days when women hid their hosiery! Nowadays, just about anything goes in terms of tights, and they can be a real statement piece of your outfit! Patterned tights are a fun, inexpensive way to add to new life to your wardrobe,while also brings texture, depth and personality to your outfits. Unsure of how to branch out from safe, reliable opaque black? Here are some tips for wearing patterned tights.

Start small… You don’t need to go wild with patterns to rock this trend! Subtle polka dots or stripes on black tights are a safe, cute and conservative way to ease patterns into your hosiery.

Keep it simple… If you do decide to rock a more outlandish pattern, keep your skirt or dress relatively simple – you don’t want to look like a magic eye print!

Stick with the basics… While a neutral palette is the easiest way to wear patterned tights, colour is definitely an option! But make sure to keep your colour scheme limited to a few choice hues, not a rainbow variety.

Know your patterns… While you may not be able to try on your tights before you purchase them, try to picture how they’ll look on, stretched over your legs. Horizontal stripes or patterns may be less flattering than they look in the packaging.

Strut your stuff… This look is all about your legs, so you need to rock it with confidence! Whether you’re showing a little bit of your leg or a whole lot, the world is your runway. While there are endless ways to rock this trend, below are some of my favourite patterns for inspiration.

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