How to wear fishnets with class


Fishnet tights - literally a tricky trend! The last time I was wearing fishnet tights was Halloween some years ago. I went as Lady Gaga and that says it all! However, inspired by my girl Stephi and the InStyle (obviously!) I decided to give fishnet tights a second chance and to address the question: How to wear fishnet tights with class? To me, there are three simple rules...

Set on muted, reserved colors

Obviously, you don't want to run the risk to be mistaken for a bad taste party visitor. Always remember: 

White, Grey, Black, Beige, Dark Blue, Khaki = Friends 

Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow and everything else flashy = Trash Queen 

Include some geek elements 

You're always save if your outfit includes some classy/nerdy pieces like blazers, vests, sleeveless sweaters or basic shirts. Plus - it adds some clever/sexy attitude which only becomes apparent at second glance (and is thus 100 times more exciting!) 

Choose a fine fishnet 

Your fishnet tights should reveal their nature only when looking closely. Avoid everything coarse mashed. 

And now I'm more than curious to know your attitude towards fishnet tights! Are you going to give them a try? 

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