Preggers Maternity Pantyhose Review


I received a pair of Preggers Maternity Pantyhose from Spring Maternity Singapore last month and I have been wearing this 10-15mmHg* gradient compression hosiery for quite a while. Preggers Maternity Pantyhose is designed to improve circulation, prevent swelling and energize tired legs and feet during pregnancy.

This product features true gradient compression and is designed for everyday wear by expecting mums. 

6 facts about Preggers 10-15mmHG* Gradient Compression Hosiery you may not know:

1) True gradient compression delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking to promote better blood flow

2) Built-in tummy support panel provides a sense of stability for active mommas and can be worn folded under belly and unfolded to cover belly

3) Super soft material is breathable and provides shaping support

4) Toe is reinforced for durability and rounded for comfortable fit

5) Micro-Cool process creates a wicking effect so moisture evaporates from the skin quickly providing a comfortable coolness

6) Smooth seams that will not dig into tummy or show under clothes

I'm currently in my ninth month of pregnancy, 36 weeks plus. In my last month of pregnancy, my days have becoming crazily hectic. Not only I need to set up a prefect nursery for my little princess who is coming to the world in 2-3 weeks time but I have been running back and forth to the hospital for my son's health reviews & my own doctor appointments. 

Running errands in final stage of pregnancy can be really tiring, especially when I was required to sit or stand for long periods of time. Besides, it's pretty normal for me to feel discomforts of swelling or fatigue during pregnancy. I believe that is also part of a pregnancy a woman needs to go through (lucky you if you have never experience any of the discomforts!!) However, after being introduced to Preggers Maternity Pantyhose by Spring Maternity (thank you!!) (I didn't know previously there's such a maternity pantyhose product) I realized I could actually do something about my tired achy legs. Something CAN be done! And I don't have to suffer from tired & achy legs in my final trimester! So, here I am trying the product I didn't know existed previously and hoping it helps to energize my legs :)

My legs are not veiny (that's one good thing!) I can barely see veins running through my legs but at 36 weeks plus pregnant, I can no longer running away from the unfortunate typical pregnancy symptoms such as 1) Tired and achy legs 2) Swollen legs 

As you can see from my picture below, my calves are swollen! Absolutely not a pretty sight! I believe my swollen calves are caused by water retention in my late pregnancy. Pretty much I woke up in the morning with swollen legs especially the night before, I had a long walk, swollen calves, ankles and feet became worse.

Not only that (sorry the picture below is a little gross to see!), my feet were so swollen and so my ankles! Can you see the blue veins popping out of my feet?

Thanks to Spring Maternity, I had a chance to try Preggers Maternity Pantyhose to improve my poor circulation, prevent swelling and energize my tired legs and feet during this final stage of pregnancy.

Preggers Maternity Pantyhose is very comfortable to wear on daily basis. The material doesn't make me feel warm, although pregnancy itself has already made me feel so warm, thanks to pregnancy hormones! But having to wear this for the whole day, I don't feel extra warm at all! The material is so airy, breathable and super soft. Therefore, I feel like wearing nothing!

Besides, I also feel more comfortable walking/standing up for a long time. It does help in relieving me from tired legs when I need to walk/stand up for a long time. At the end of the day, I can see the difference between long walk with Preggers Maternity Pantyhose VS long walk without. Long walk without is certainly more tiring and thus, more swelling in the next morning!

Another benefit I like from Preggers Maternity Pantyhose is built-in tummy support. In late pregnancy, especially when my baby's head already down & engaged, most of the time, my belly feels extra heavy! I just feel uncomfortable walking with heavy belly and often I feel Braxton Hicks Contractions (those fake contractions preparing woman body for labor) that come along when I have my long walk. Heavy belly + tightening can be agonizing and intolerable. I have been thinking to buy maternity belt to solve this problem but fortunately, Preggers Maternity Pantyhose was being introduced to me before buying expensive maternity belt that I will no longer be using it after my baby is born!

Preggers Maternity Pantyhose Built-in tummy support is indeed a belly support. I'm impressed with this tummy support! The material is not only comfortable & breathable but the design of this built-in tummy support provides me the sense of stability. It feels like wearing maternity belt to support my heavy belly! In fact it's like all in one product, not only supporting my belly but providing my legs with better blood flow! Unlike other built in tummy support maternity wear, this one doesn't slide down my hips at all. Not even once after so many hours of wearing. It's really that fit & stable! 

After wearing Preggers Maternity Pantyhose for a week, I can certainly see visible improvements to my current legs conditions.

1) My legs are less tired now and I can walk longer and farther. I feel good even I have to stand up for half an hour or walk for an hour! Leg cramps & soreness lessen with Preggers!

2) My tired legs and feet are energized. No longer feeling sore legs and feet waking up in the morning. Therefore, I'm no longer needing to worry the impact from the long walk-the day before in the next morning! 

3) Swollen calves, ankles and feet are improved! I don't see it that swollen anymore. I believe Preggers Maternity Pantyhose does improve my poor circulation. The compression does promote better blood flow!

Can you see it's less swollen now?

Now I feel more confident wearing short dress. I'm happy to see my normal legs back :) No longer needing to hide my swollen legs/feet/ankles under long maxi dress anymore!! :)

It's so easy to pair Preggers with my pre-pregnancy clothes. I can absolutely pair it with my short pre-pregnancy dresses. I'm a tall girl but pretty slim and I'm lucky enough to be able to fit into almost all my pre-pregnancy dresses except dresses are getting too short due to my growing & expanding belly size and most of the time, I don't have the confidence to wear short dresses. I'm afraid of exposing too much skin in pregnancy, I just feel awkward!

And with Preggers Maternity Pantyhose, I'm no longer afraid of wearing my pre-pregnancy dresses I can fit into. I'm no longer needing to worry if my dresses are too short and inappropriate in comparison with my big belly. Now, I can totally rock my short dresses out and be a fashionable pregnant mum back! 

Preggers Maternity Pantyhose is so versatile and I can see myself wearing it with everything from dresses, shorts to skirts.

#OOTD (Outfit of The Day) in Preggers, black color pantyhose with light color floral dress (contrast color) makes my legs extra long and my legs appear slimmer too (how great isn't when every part of my body looks fat except my legs??) Wearing black color pantyhose is another way of showing off mile long legs in a classy way :) Agree??

For more information, check out Spring Maternity website at

Thank you for reading my review with Preggers

Wish me a super smooth delivery in 2-3 weeks time!


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