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On the weekend it was time again. For a wedding it was not about half the world as in the last year, but in the tranquil Düsseldorf- with the plane only an hour from Berlin. What a guest is attracted to such festivities is for me always a vexing question and drags on my nerves. I am something of awkward in the chic make that I had to send you all four outfits per Whatsapp, until finally one was, with which I also received your support. Either I missed the white blouse to the black skirt, the chic trousers to the blazer or a blob color in the overall picture. I do not want to talk about the shoe problem. In the end, I found something but, I hope at least, a wedding guest on the stand, in which I felt comfortable and the obendrauf was still rice-ready: A pretty classic Polka Dots dress with an even more classic black blazer over it, pantyhose (it was unfortunately quite fresh) and light plateauschenchen . Here nothing was bought again, everything hides itself long in my cabinet and everything was geshoppt years ago at the Sweden H & M. Quite simple box, and I've made it so hard again.

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