Ways to Reuse Old tights


Consider that run in your stockings a welcome opportunity.

Store Onions

The test kitchen experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute like storing onions in a pantyhose leg, knotting the fabric in between each one. Shown here on the blog An Austin Homestead, this strategy allows air to circulate around the onions, so they last longer. Simply snip one off from the bottom when you need it.

Pick Up Pet Hair

Scrunch an old pair of pantyhose into a ball, and rub it over your sofa to whisk away the remnants of shedding season.

Store Wrapping Paper

The blog Chasing Greenshows how tucking a roll in a sheer stocking can keep it from unfurling in storage — so the leftover paper from last Christmas will look just as nice this year.

Use Every Sliver of Soap

The last bit of bar soap often just gets washed down the drain. But if yousave slivers in a pantyhose foot, they turn into a makeshift "soap on a rope," and last a few more showers.

Protect a Broom

Straw brooms get beat up and bent quickly, so Heloise recommends pulling an old stocking leg over the bristles to keep them from breaking.

Make a Living Wreath

Filled with soil, sheer pantyhose make a great, flexible base for a floral wreath. As the bloggerInspired by Charm shows here, the stockings are sheer enough that plants can grow roots through them, but dense enough to contain the dirt.

Support Your Garden

Heloise likes using cut strips of pantyhose to stake delicate plants in her garden (the fabric will stretch, but stay taut as the plant grows). And gardener Tom LeRoy grows melons in his small garden by placing them in a stocking tied to a trellis, so the vine can grow vertically.

Tie Up a Bundle

Before you put winter bedding and blankets into storage, tie up the unwieldy bundle with some old stockings.

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