Are you still wearing tights in summer?


The sun has come out to play for the last couple of days but it can still revert back to being overcast and chilly; therefore tights are still a strong must-have accessory to your outfit.

I must confess I have a rather soft spot for buying tights and laying all the cards on the table, I actually have a suitcase tucked under my bed full of them! I wouldn’t call it an obsession but it definitely is a problem; you could call it my fashion Achilles heel. If I see a new design I feel inclined to purchase them and have bought many a pair from all over the world including Amsterdam, China Camden market and Scotland. The lovely team at UKTights, gave me and a friend the chance to sport our summer choice of tights.
Choosing sensible tights

One style I think everyone should have in their drawers, or in my case suitcase, is a natural tan colour and black pair of tights. These may seem rather standard choices but nonetheless you always need them for that one occasion, perhaps a job interview, party or wedding. However when I come to frantically look for them I am disheartened; finding a pair with a rather substantial hole or ladder. Why did I not throw them away? Why I insist on keeping ruined tights will always remain a mystery.

My verdict

Pretty Polly, Everyday 15 Denier Tights (£1.99)

“Glossy, comfortable and really light to wear. The small fitted perfectly (I’m a size 10) and the slight shimmer works well with a summer dress or office skirt. The tanned colour is not too bold or vibrant unlike other bright orange or golden shimmer colours I have come across in the past. If you want your sensible pair, these will fit the bill.”

Her verdict

Aristoc, Opaque Cotton Sheen 120 Denier Tights (£11.99)

“A very lustrous pair of tights and at 120 denier, they had a very thick, luxurious feel about them – my legs felt hugged all day long!”

Do you opt for sensible or crazy tights?

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