Opaques and open-toe shoes? Our tights tips for winter


Can you wear tights with an open-toe shoe? What about a sling-back? These are the sorts of serious discussions we’ve been having here at fashionmylegs as the weather turns cold. Collectively, the fashion team owns more opaque tights than we’ve enjoyed hot dinners, but, we’ve realised that said opaques don’t go with absolutely every type of shoe in our wardrobe. So, to avoid a faux pas, we’ve canvassed our impeccable editors to determine what shall be henceforth known as the tights rules.

The guide to pairing with patent

Opaque tights + a patent flat or chunky heel = success. What’s less successful however, is teaming a jet-black tight with a shiny pair of spindly heels. See British model Sam Rollinson for the sort of clunky show silhouette that does work.

Tights and an open-toe shoe
Our fashion director Lisa Armstrong clarifies this debate by advising: “It depends if it's clearly a ‘winter’ sandal - e.g. in burgundy/ velvet then yes, but there should be no toe seam visible.” Alexa Chung nails this lesson, of course.

Opaques and court shoes
To avoid looking like you’re wearing heeled catsuit, you’re going to have to lower your denier count for evening. It’s important to have definition between legs and shoes. Salma Hayek shows us how it’s done.

The rules when it comes to coloured footwear
A camel stiletto and a dark tight just looks odd. A chunky camel shoe however, with thick straps, channels an intentionally Sixties vibe.

Our stance on colour
While we’re always going to steer clear of purple, ribbed tights, but our style friend Sophie Warburton has a alternative suggestion to black: grey. “I wear lots of grey tights. Weirdly I think they are more slimming on the leg.”

The jury’s out on slingbacks...

Lisa Armstrong thinks that “opaques are fine with a sling back but must be in immaculate condition. No bobbles or pilling.” But our senior fashion news and features editor, Victoria Moss, says: “I am unconvinced by backless shoe and tights in spite of what Chanel did”. Hmm… you’ll have to judge for yourselves on a case-by-case basis for that one.

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