These Tights Are Supposed to Give You More Energy


There's a serious chill in the air right now and you know what that means: black tights season.

The only way we get some serious mileage out of our cute fall skirts is by layering some heavy-duty tights underneath, so you can guess that we burn through the stretchy stuff pretty quickly.

Fellow tights enthusiasts, take note: There is shapewear out there that can actually make you healthier! 

Item M6's "intelligent legwear," which specializes in effective compression technology, became available at Bloomingdale's just last week. The German company is one of the only brands making high-fashion medical grade legwear that Judy Jetson would be proud of.

The futuristic tights are made with polyamide and elastane fibers (the same stuff in most high-end activewear) and can improve the body's oxygen supply by improving blood circulation and thus increasing energy, great for girls who sit at a computer for extended periods of time.

Here's how it works: The tights constrict the S6 or M6 meridian, a pressure point in acupuncture and acupressure therapy on the inside of your lower leg by the ankle,according to Into the Gloss. The result is increased circulation, higher energy and lower stress. Tights that function like coffee?! This might be our new workday necessity.

We gave the opaque style a spin and TBH, we didn't notice an uptick in energy that seemed abnormal, but we did wear them on a day that involved a lot of walking around. We'd also like to test drive them on a more sedentary day, too. First impressions: The tights are super smoothing and comfortable - and the thick weave feels like its virtually indestructible.

Girls on the hunt for a top-notch pair of winter tights, these ones seem hard to rip and have the added increase of improving circulation and boosting energy while you're wearing 'em!

The tights are available for purchase at Bloomingdale's, or you can purchase on Item M6's online shop. Prepare to werk, gurl.

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