How to Style Black Leggings Like a Celebrity


Black leggings are the single most essential garment in a wardrobe: Timeless and practical. Styling leggings is easy, but doing it in a truly Fashion way isn’t a simple job. Some people style their leggings as if they were pyjamas and only wear them at home, forgetting leggings are versatile enough for a smart look.

Have a look at how these five celebrities style black leggings

Selena Gómez: Matt Leggings & Colourful Bag

Singer and actress Selena Gómez styles her matt leggings in an urban casual style, with trainers, black top and a cute orange bag. Comfy but stylish!

Kendal Jenner: Wet Leggings & ‘Stiletto’ pumps

For a more sophisticated version of the urban look, check out Kendal Jenner’s outfit in leather leggings with matching bag and Stiletto pumps. A little chilly today? Add a chic sweatshirt, just like Kendal.

Vanessa Hudgens: Matt leggings & Cropped top

A cropped top and a comfy bag is all Vanessa Hudgens needs to rock this urban look with a sporty inspiration. It works both for an afternoon with friends or a music festival.

Kim Kardashian: Black Leggings & Black jacket

Kim styles her matt leggings with leather jackets and her wet look leggings with a satin jacket. Black is the protagonist colour of her rocker-chic outfits. Have you noticed Kim only wears leggings with high heels?

Miranda Kerr: Leather Leggings + Blazer jacket

Leather leggings, a blazer jacket/duster coat and knee high wedges are Miranda Kerr’s signature outfit. Do you prefer leggings with sport wedges or buckled ankle boots?

The ultimate accessory you need to finish your leggings look is a pair of sun glasses! Haven’t you spotted them? Jokes apart, we’re always happy to hear your opinion. So, tell us: How do you style your black leggings?

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