In the know neutral/flesh coloured tights?


I have never worn them but have a black short evening dress I might wear them with. Its for an important occasion and I would like to look good.

All I have ever worn is black tights. I have no idea if there are any 'rules' around neutral tights.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

I'd like to know what people think of this as well.
I used to love tan tights to cover my blotchy legs and give them a bit of colour. I stopped wearing them because people would sneer at " American Tan" as if it was some fashion faux pas. 
I wear opaque black a lot but some outfits and colours really call for a skin coloured leg and I'm not going bare legged. 
I recently bought a lovely leather pencil skirt and wasn't sure how to wear it. The model has bare legs because she a model and is perfect , and is wearing those shoe/boots so I got a pair of shoe/boots ( what are they called anyway ?) and I fully intend to wear a pair of tan tights with it.
So I'm with you OP.
What are the rules?
Are we in danger of going too dark? Too shiny?
I read somewhere that nude coloured fishnets are supposed to be quite chic but I think would be awful with leather.

Slight sheen/oiled look is nice, I think. If it's good enough for the Middletons...!

I like glossy nudes like Aristoc.

Nude micronets are fabulous, though for evening wear a sheeny sheer tight is nice imo

You can get some very sheer ones which look fine IMO- you can barely tell you're wearing tights, M&S do some but they do tear very easily - think they're 7 dernier.

With a black dress, I'd probably go thin black - is that very old-fashioned?

Sorry Stokey, but I think thin black tights are rather 'back to the 80s'.

I agree that if nude tights are good enough for the Midddletons, then us mere mortals can wear them too. M&S sheer oiled 7 denier are really good, Pretty Polly do a 'Naturals' range, and John Lewis also sell 7 denier.

They make you look more polished when the situation calls for it, and the right nude tights can make something short quite wearable, because your legs look better.

M and S Autograph do a really good selection of nude tights.

Thanks for all the replies. I'm an opaque black tights wearer but this is an evening party and I have such a stunning dress (if I do say so myself).
Thin black tights do seem like an eighties throwback.

I'm hearing that slight sheen/ oiled nudes are the way to go. I'll try those M and S, JL and Aristoc ones. 

I'm v pale skinned - does this make a difference?

I quite like the 80's throw back sheer black tights look but I am just about old enough to get away with it as a retro nod rather than being hopelessly out of date!

Second M&S autograph tights. Go for the finest denier you can and buy two pairs - you will inevitably tear them!

I don't like thin black tights - think it is very, very hard to make them look okay. See here She is gorgeous but even her legs would've looked better in different tights!

M&S do good very sheer ones, in a range of colours. I wear the Illusion ones, which have not even a hint of tan/orange. They are perfect for my pale legs and just look like my legs, but better. I don't like the overly glossy ones - lots of the M&S have a little sheen without being Barbie-esque.

I feel I may just step out of my comfort zone and try some of these. thanks all. I feel I have been let into a secret!

I think sheer nude tights look great and don't know why anybody has a problem with them. They should match the colour of your arms, IMO, but I think they're wonderful for making legs look smooth and sleek.

I just wish I could find sheer-to-waist ones more easily. I don't care for control tops.

I agree with 'illusion' from M&S. Just right for pasty pale legs like mine

Also YY to nude fishnets. Bonus is they're virtually indestructible.

I'm very pale too and Sainsburys do.a 10 in pale that suits me and looks barely there

I wear nude tights quite often, don't buy cheap ones as they may sag!! Wolfords are expensive but look good and feel great. Hope this helps.

I'm very pale and 'Illusion' from M and S is too dark for me yes I am really a ghost. I find their shade 'nude' in the 7 denier oiled is best for me from their range, but it does ladder easily.

I like nude tights. Especially fishnets/micronets, hard to find though.

I like nude tights- not tan but nude. 

Remember wearing 'barely black' tights- bloody awful!

DD wears nude tights sometimes, but they do make her legs look even paler than usual. 

I must look out for nude fishnets - where can you get them?

Agree Barely Black tights, which I also happily wore, now a no- no.

I rarely wear tights - but had to buy some to go with an evening dress last winter.

Sainsburys had some nude v slightly glossy tights. They fit the bill perfectly - and lasted well. I bought a pack of 3 - but managed to wash and re-wear them more than once before laddering them.

Bare arms IMO require bare coloured legs too.

I bought my last nude tights in Boots and they are better than M & S - I don't find the quality as good now.

Disagree on Barely Black - I like them! However I am quite dark (southern european) and it's hard to find "nude" tights that are as dark as my skin! If my arms are bare it looks a bit odd - arms darker than legs! Barely black look better on me with a black dress and shoe.

I think nude are OK though in general.

Really loving so many suggestions on this thread and will look some of them out in my search for the holy grail of tights (that, and foundation ...)

I hate nude tights of any description. Awful. Especially the shiney ones. My motto tends to be 'if the Middletons wear it, step away...'

I'd wear sheer black, opaque or nothing (using airbrush legs and a light oil).

Thank you for all the replies! Given me loads of ideas to try - guess it is a case of trying the recommended brands and seeing what works for me :-)

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