Women spend £3,000 on tights in a lifetime study finds


Every woman knows that feeling well - when you run your hand down your leg to find an unwelcome ladder in your tights.
In fact, the average UK woman spends £3,000 on tights in a lifetime. 

And this could be down to the fact that two thirds of women find their tights ladder - wearing them unwearable - after the first wear. 

The research, conducted by George at Asda, also found that for women, pulling up their tights in public, is one of the biggest bugbears. 

More than half of British women wear tights for at least 90 per cent of the year, proving they are popular come rain or shine. 

And almost two thirds admitted to wearing tights in the summer months. 

Over a third of British ladies claimed hosiery items is essential for special occasions, according to a survey which included 1000 respondents. 

One in ten said they wore rights for warmth and the same number said they wore them to work. 

A quarter of Brits have to buy a brand new pair every two or three months, with laddering and baggy waistbands being the two biggest driving factors for a trip to the shops. 

In fact over half of all women under 35 confess to frequently pulling up their rights in public. 

But it seems that as we get older we lose patience with our nylon. 

The findings also reveal that over two fifths of women over 45 have given up wearing tights all together. 

London ladies are the most likely to wear tights, with almost a quarter buying a new pair every two to four weeks. 

Meanwhile nearly two fifths of hardy Brummie women proudly brave the bracing weather without the help of tights, even in the winter months. 

A George spokesperson said: "With more than 25 years of customer feedback, we know that tights are the holy grail of the lingerie drawer and an item of clothing that women cannot live without - but it can be really tricky to find a pair that perfectly suits your size and shape, as well as one that doesn't ladder after the first wear."

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