DIY Mesh crop top



This has to be the easiest DIY I have ever featured on This Fashion Is Mine and sadly I cannot claim rights to discovering it. I've seen this multiple times on the Tumblr but not yet come across a neatly laid out step by step guide. Probably because it's too simple to even need one.

But hey-ho here is my step by step guide. All you need is a pair of tights and a pair of scissors.

Go and get those things now.

You can use an old pair of tights or buy a brand new pair, 10-20 denier works the best, I am using a medium sized 15 denier pair from Primark. I got a pack of 5 for £2.50.

You need to cut the toes/feet off the tights. The amount you cut off depends on how long or short you want your sleeves to be.

You then need to cut a small V shape in the gusset of your tights. This will ultimately become the neck line of your top and the place where you shall stick your head.

And that's it. Honest!

Sticking your arms through the legs and your head through your newly formed gusset hole (cringe) you have yourself a mesh/sheer top! Perfect to wear over fancy bras or bralets, or to layer over a little black cami.
Pulling on the top stretches the neckline much wider so be careful to only start out with a small hole. Also the tight material is very thin so susceptible to laddering. But this can result in a grungey fashionable look. My top laddered a little on the shoulder but I actually like it this way

It's a great item to wear for a night out or to a gig. It takes two minutes and you instantly have a new addition to your wardrobe that might have originally cost you a fair amount to buy. If you ruin it on the first wear it's no biggie, you can just make another one!

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